Search and discovery…more of GA and SC!


When our day shifts at the gate house are over and we’re not being lazy or resting our paws, maybe even plopped out on some tree limb like these dudes, we go out searching new discoveries!




Sometimes it just a quick run to the north side of Augusta, GA and the burb of Evans or a tad farther west to Thomson, GA.

When running errands, we try to add a stop for a few laps at the Evans Towne Square park where the Lady Antebellum Pavilion resides since it’s usually on the way. Nicely landscaped and even offer water misting stations placed through the walking path.  That will be a nice addition when the HOT southern GA weather arrives!

PicsArt_05-06-09.33.58Then there was the fun stop in Thomson, GA at Uncle Junks following with a sweet Italian lunch at Fernanda’s Grill & Pizzeria.

2016-05-09 11.01.03After snooping around, I hauled all my finds home in hopes of recycling some concoction. I’ve been wanting a wind chime and it offered Mr. Jer a chance to play with his tools drilling, hammering, etc. I got the fun part playing with my bead stash!  Ta ta…..the wind chime was born!


More tinkering and some ideas in the back of my head (always)…and I’ve still yet to get the driftwood out of the basement or try to get back with our landscape paintings on canvas. I know we’ll always continue to use our creative minds and master gifts of love for family and friends.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-09-47-31-1We were even more excited this last week to find the Savannah Rapids Park.  It includes a visitor’s center, kayak rentals and plenty of room to roam!


The tow path borders the Savannah river and historic Augusta canal headwaters offering a place to bike or walk in entirety to downtown Augusta.  Next time we will have our bikes in tow!


No, that’s not a mountain but I’m taking it as hill of refuse Augusta has planted in the background! Ecks…it’s got to go somewhere I guess.

And maybe we’ll add our “love lock’ next time! But then again…they may discover over time they might have to disband as we all know what happened in Paris! The weight was too much for the bridge.


We continue to watch for nature around the village and get so excited when something were unfamiliar with lands in our view!

We were especially excited to the almost entirely albino shaded deer. Not quite as beautiful as the one back home in the kids backyard, but enjoyed how this one’s head showed tones of brown.


A variety of blue bird…an Eastern bluebird?


And this creature….no clue, but that is one mean horn!


Our most eventful trip of late was when we headed out east from the village to west central South Carolina.

First stop…the small town of Edgefield, SC with a large history. We started at the visitor’s center and housing for their genealogy center.  The old gent holding down the fort made sure we knew much about his town and he was quite proud. Visitor’s Centers are always the perfect spot to start a visit in an unfamiliar area. That’s where you get the real scoop!


This town block housed some old structures in despair but with quite the charm of years back then.


Some even housed the making of a new business adventure for something that has been around for a very long time, Carolina Moon Distillery.  I was disappointed they were closed, as most are on Monday’s, but plan to venture back there this summer.


After peeking through the windows, we realized the back of the building had fallen down. I guess you take the luck of the draw walking this sidewalk…will the front facade fall down? Could be your lucky day or NOT?!


After a morning stroll through Edgefield, SC,  it was off to farther eastern territory.

Bingo a fresh market!!!  Cook’s!


More fresh produce than I expected and to find peaches in May…excited!


Onto Pinterest later I found you could freeze peaches without having to make a sugary syrup!  Parchment paper and a freezer! All bagged up for the next rainy day.


From there, we arrived in Aiken, SC and there were so many choices but I was ready to stretch and who doesn’t love a sweet garden to walk about! Hopeland Gardens was the ticket!







It even house the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame & Museum. It too was not open…meaning a return trip. Growing up, my father took me to many a horse race…tracks in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Chicago. So I’m always intriqued…and now excited to return.



And with every pond comes what?  Turtles off course! And there were plenty of them!




I think that is one of the soft shell variety? I’m more a hard shelled girl!



Aiken has so much to offer. Love the way they set up signage for street walking. This entire edge of South Carolina is one of the closest of areas to our village so I know we’ll be seeking out more surprises.


Back at the village, can’t say enough about our patio view! Especially even nicer now that Mr. Jer tackled the hillside with his bow saw opening an even bigger clearing! That was a job and the rattler who commenced afterwards was a surprise. Guess we miss out on that! YEA!


So far the breezes have been “heaven and earth!” Constant birds singing, geese flying, a train whistle on occasion and maybe a fellow villagers coming and going. It really is so peaceful!



THE JOB:  A few more days enjoying the view and we’ll be back in the gatehouse and we can say, “we’ve mastered day use areas!” With 12 beaches, a boat ramp and numerous shelters and picnic ares with grills, it’s one hopping area!  

I’m thankful for my newly purchased fatigue mat as this is one stand-up job…something similar to those new stand up work stations.  No treadmill, but I’ve managed a few lunges and squats in between the crowds as well as calf lifts and dance moves :).  All reminding me of the yoga ball I’d keep under my desk in prior days to take the work shift up a notch, plus it was fun bouncing on it!

Mr. Jer feeds me, keeps the money counted and all lined up in proper order, and kills any stinging, flying monsters that come through my window.  It’s similar to a toll booth…but speed and accuracy is all important when you have approximately 400 vehicles in a 8 hr period!  Already, we know the names of a few regulars and we’ve been gifted some surprise dishes of leftovers!  

People can be so nice!

Catch you next time…with more fun in the sun! Hoping soon to land IN the water somewhere as the temps rise, get to some more local museums and of course find more local produce! Still have yet to find a local butcher…missing my guy in Gulf Shores!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jerryc says:

    Great pics and local lore to boot. You do a fantastic job with your blog. Hope the Summer doesn’t get too hot on you.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Thanks Jerry! I’m seeing a lot of siestas in our future with the heat here! I’m sure hoping for some lake breezes 🙂


  2. Horst says:

    I’m really impressed how you keep discovering these neat places….and then tell their story with Magnificent photography….thanks for sharing and keep those posts coming….Horst sends


    1. Cozygirl says:

      So glad you continue to follow and respond…my biggest cheerleader! Hope you get an outing soon, eye all mended, and your perking even steel! Read Jerry C out toward you…been a cool meet up.


  3. Faye N Dave says:

    Looks like you’re really settling in and finding your way. Love the windchime you made. I’m also very jealous of the peaches, nothing beats a fresh peach.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      I so love my wind chime…wish you could see up close!!!


  4. Ingrid says:

    Love that third photo of the squirrel lounging in the tree, but then again, your whole post contains some wonderful photographs. It’s always fun discovering new parks, stores, and sites and looks like you’ve scored. Very jealous of those peaches…. I’ll trade ya some Idaho potatoes for those Georgia peaches LOL.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      I always thought MI for South Haven peaches….dah, you’re in GA 😉 I love my neighbor squirrel…have to say again, a gig at a COE tons better than last year’s resort gig on the interstate!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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