Farewell Gulf Shores, AL…off to GA!

Snowbirds were disappearing by the dozens…we watched the calendar knowing it would be soon be time to pack up and leave the Gulf Shores area of Alabama!

What’s always felt like our little bit of Paradise, it would soon be biding us a good-bye!


It was time to take down the camp and find homes for all our outdoor gear, so we’d be travel ready. It helps when I’m almost OCD when it comes to be organized.

I’ve always had that knack for having everything systemized in a way that it was right there at your fingertips. Plus, it gave cause to purge, little pieces of this and that, that someone (I’m not saying who) would toss here and there.


With that done, it was time for one last festival and was I excited to have the Fairhope Festival of Art on tap!

Severe storms the night before almost brought for a washout, but the show went on.


First stop…The bloody Mary bar.  Or what I call….brunch in a glass.

Then strolling up the sides street to the beginning of the art fair in awe of some of the largest ferns I’d seen in a long time. Thinking to myself…no you can’t haul one of those around, and especially all the way to Georgia.


Fairhope is one of those small, coastal communities with tons of charm. Housed across the bay from Mobile, it has that original small-town ambiance, unique in many ways. Fairhope is known as a pedestrian’s paradise that has an active arts community,


More on the upscale side, but an architectural cross between a French Quarter and coastal vibrancy.


I was excited to really be able to take in a closer view since the streets were closed down, allowing close to 250 vendors to fill the area.


Normally, you were stuck on a sidewalk, afraid you’d trip or knock someone over. This time I had a wide-angle view left, right, north or south.


Despite the art festival, local businesses were open allowing for even more an eye full of fun.  Even on a so-called “pothead, everything was in bloom!”


Pirates guarded their entrances…and even the alleys held interest.


Many collections of recycled fun.


Sunlight, greenery, and tons of color!


Finishing up after close to five hours up and down through the tents, found us jabbering with the locals or stopping in for a yummy lunch…here then came a sample of some of our favorite art!







We said our goodbyes, hoping one day we’ll get to check out something missed.

With goodbyes to local friends and a couple of fellow travelers at another park, we pulled out going East.


We moved down I10 for a planned 3 day stop that turned into 5.  Rains came on and off so we just held tight until a wide weather window opened!

Couldn’t do any better than starting it off with an Army Corp of Engineers park, so we landed at East Bank in Chattahoochee, FL or maybe that was GA! Top of the hill Eastern time…at the campsite Central time. And every time we left to tour the area…we would continuously cross from GA to FL numerous times in one trip.  It was mind-wrecking!


A small, quiet park.  It had a nice, relaxing view.


Plenty of area to stretch our bones or take a sit do, read a book, or dabble with my paints.


It was also a semi planned stopover, as I was craving my Trader Joe’s grocery pantry refill and there just happened to be one in Tallahassee. Yay!!!!!

Now to cross across central Georiga is not one easy stretch. We strive to do the 2 lanes or 4 lane state highway as opposed to an interstate.  I was especially disenchanted with getting anywhere near I75 north of out FL headed to Atlanta…ick, ick, ick! “Please Jerry, don’t make me do it!”


Through the acres and acres of southern produce, soon being shipped across the world…(tomatoes we see here), we crossed into Perry, GA for a quick easy in and out at the Crossroads Travel park.  Handed over our Passport card for a 50% discount and receiving in turn, a coupon for the BBQ joint within walking distance.

A quick Google check and a look at the Perry, GA website…Grillmaster had high ratings.

And seems we weren’t the only ones who found it a place to indulge!


Ribs that fell off the bone, best ever potato salad it seems they were famous for and some tasty cole slaw. I’d go back for sure!


Now nearing the end of this post, we finally made it across yet more two lanes in GA with no mishaps. The rig pulled great. We got ourselves back in the hook up and unhook mode, and fell right back into the driver’s seat. Only took one wrong turn that proved to be a couple, short curves with no low clearances, putting us back on track. Whew!!!

I only wish you could look at the countryside, see that one beautiful structure, blink and a keepsake photo was saved.  Between me paper map reading, checking out the dash GPS, and following along on my phone Google map…I never had the camera on at the right time. Unfortunately you can’t say, “Honey, stop, turn around and let’s go back there!”


So, here we sit at our volunteer site for the summer.  Only being here for a short 3 days it’s already been exciting.  Brought two weeks of groceries only to have the air compressor crash pulling out of the store parking lot, cutting the serpentine belt on our diesel truck!! SHIT! A deputy arrives, a tow truck, thankfully an honest repair shop, and we are back in business, minus a couple greenbacks. Then almost locking myself in the rig as a door malfunction, and a high wind advisory with a storm through the night that brought branches and some hail pounding on the roof for what seemed eternity.

Soon we can go off exploring….but being back in the woods, with a handful of the sweetest people ever and some awesome rangers…it’s going to be a great summer!  Already cleaning and freezing fresh local strawberries and taking in one daily, awesome view!  Just need to find some local butchers :O)


Until next time, going to have plenty more to share after we’re a bit more settled!  ~Cozygirl

6 Comments Add yours

  1. dahkota says:

    The entire time we were in Eastbank, we were lost in time. It took a while to get back on track.
    I will be adding Fairhope to my list of places to visit on our way back west. Your pictures making it a very inviting place.
    I’m not sure if it is coincidence or a moon phase or what, but we got locked out of our RV on a really windy night a few days ago. I had to crawl through the passenger window. It works fine now, just a one time thing…


  2. The city of Fairhope has intrigued me but we never made it there. Thanks to your tour and great captures I felt I was there.
    Oh and we had stopped at the BBQ place in GA and yes we bought seconds to go in two days, the best rib ever!

    How funny it was also in GA when we had that wind advisory and we got locked out in our RV and the night seemed eternity. Got to love those spring storms in the East 🙂


  3. Horst says:

    Another magnificent recap…you have become a super “photo journalist”….Your photo’s and writing are great and you sure capture the soul of the places you are at! Thanks for sharing…Have a great summer with you “new Volunteer gig”…Horst sends


  4. lynne says:

    How exciting to be back on the move again. Looks like a short hop, skip and jump. Love your site!
    Know what you mean about the plants. I am still mourning not getting a lavender azalea back in LA….but where would I have put it?
    Have a great summer!!


  5. Steve says:

    That’s a great area where you spend the winter. I love your new blog design. Noticed it months ago but never commented.


  6. We have made that trip across Georgia many times and we also choose to take the two lane roads. We have been know to travel miles out of our way to avoid Atlanta! You have a beautiful site for the summer. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


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