February Musings…


Seems with the spring warm up in Alabama, comes the daily winds and an occasional fierce thunderstorm, sometimes hidden with tornadoes. That’s when hiding behind a sand dune allows uninterrupted reading. I will say, but don’t mark my words…the worse always seems to travel inland, while our more coastal location, we’ve been saved many times.


We decided to venture to Pensacola for their four-hour Mardi Gras parade and it was a good day for it!


I guided us to the famed Palafox Street, a good 3 hours before the parade in hope of a pull in street site so we could land a place to pull out the chairs and sit on the tailgate.


We scored one, only later to come back with snacks and refreshments finding we were blocked in.  A very nice policeman….came up and said anytime we were ready to leave, he’d move.  We never saw him again….lol!  Thank goodness the auto in front of left before us!


We took the waiting hours to visit a few galleries and storefronts. The streets we hopping with outdoor music on all the corners.  Restaurants and bars set up outside for your desires.  Plenty of people watching.


And then the fun began!


We had prime seating but it was not close enough to nab some beads! So we found a nice spot to stand with plenty of room to jump, as not brave enough to climb a light post! :O)


So many floats….moonpies, stuffed animals, beads, etc.  And one fun crowd!


My closest neighbor…a young fun soul, managed to stay entertained. I think he left with the biggest load.


It really was entertaining and always a good time…so upbeat and sometimes quite flashy!


Imagine some of the pre Krew parades during the week are quite an experience but we didn’t venture out for those.


On the more low-key adventures…we get our kicks finding new back roads.  And continue to drive the area looking at other parks, wondering if we’d enjoy another more.  Still found nothing to our liking!


While out toward the Magnolia Springs area, one must make the trip to Big Daddy’s Grill!


Located on the Fish River, it’s the place with the view and outdoor seating for sure!



And not to mention delicious fish meals.  I opted for gumbo…sometime I’d like to do a post on just the gumbo offerings in the area!  This one rated well up on the list!


The Fish River has some beautiful homes on it, but unlike the Magnolia River down the road, it doesn’t have their U. S. postal mail delivered to your dock.  Fun tidbit about that can be found here…now what a job that would be!  A river postal carrier!


Not far from us, outside Elberta, Alabama, was the Baldwin County Heritage Museum. Housed inside a large, tinned roof building, it encompassed a few acres of outdoor exhibits as well.


We walked the interior and found many a story of the settlers coming to this area.  Corn and potatoes some of the first crops…all new to me for this area.


I venture to say, then came cotton and peanuts. I thoroughly enjoyed learning of the turpentine industry, remembering the can my dad kept in our garage growing up!

The humanities area had numerous collections of early home life.


Looking back at this sitting area photo, it almost looks like doll house size but was an actual setup of someone’s home.


Moving to the outdoors was my highlight of the area, especially being a day in low 70s and vibrant sunshine. This is what you call a table saw with combo bandsaw and jointer on in one! Kidded Jerry that was once piece he needed when he had his side woodworking business.



This mom and dad or brother and sister followed us most of the visit. We hit it on a day we were almost the only visitors, except for a few volunteers clearing bush and trimming flowers. A fun couple from Wisconsin who always give a few hours a week…one volunteer gig I would enjoy if a resident of the area.


So much in bloom, the azaleas were just peaking.  But the Camila forest was by far my favorite trail.


The Alabama state flower, one with no scent but a show stopper in many assorted colors!


There are over a hundred species of native flora and fauna growing on the grounds.


It almost reminded me of a peony from back home.


Coming out of the forest, hidden behind bush was the old still.  Imagine plenty a story about it!

The entire grounds were well done….including a school house, general store, church, blacksmith shop, etc.  The working windmill and it’s clatter was also a favorite!


Back at the home front, we are close to a little more than a month before leaving Alabama. Can’t believe how fast the season has gone. I’m beginning to hole up as we must tackle taxes, updating our vehicle tags, getting our mail service membership renewed, planning our spring route, and some more purging and maintenance work on our home.  Seems everything hit at once.  While manageable…it’s a daunting time eater from more desirable fun.

I’m seeing many trips to the library computer lab with printers and the post office trying to execute all this from the road.  I truly love having a library membership as a non-resident.


And we finally tackled the front screen plexi-glass upgrade. Most times when running a little space heater or days with the air conditioner on, I’ll be able to have the big heavy door open now. Not so claustrophobic. Held in place with mirror clips, so easy on and off.


And can’t sign off without a few shares of what’s been cooking!


My newest discovery…roasting on parchment paper so you’ll achieve a nice brown crunch. Simply slice, add some oil and set the oven at 400. Ten minutes or so…total delicious, healthy grub!


And then there was the day I created my so called “Bliss,” from a can of coconut cream from Trader Joe’s I had stashed.  Add some banana, pineapple, fresh coconut, and cinnamon.  Set in the freezer and we were in ice cream heaven!

Time for our afternoon bike ride…then an evening run for a sunset maybe!  So until next time…~cozygirl


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Horst says:

    You Guys just keep finding more “Gems”…didin’t realize there was so much to do in the area…..Great post…and nice photo’s telling the story…thanks for sharing…Horst sends


    1. Cozygirl says:

      You think you’ve seen it all and then something else pops up!! Excited to see what GA and SC bring up this year. Always great to hear from you Horst!


  2. Faye N Dave says:

    Nice mod on the screen door. No Mardi Gras celebration here in AZ…looking forward to next winter when we can participate in the celebration again. Love driving the back roads…as the temps climb here I can see where we might be doing more of that. We’ve been busy hiking…getting in shape for our summer sojourn. A little over 2 months and we’re on the road.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Just loving the door…even quieter. Oh those hikes will firm things up for sure, throw in the views and fresh Spring surprises…how devine!! Two months will fly…glad you get to move again!!


  3. Lynne says:

    Your azalea photos brought on a stab of homesickness. Would love to see them in person.
    Looks like a fun February.

    Gotta eat some fresh fish on the way home!


    1. Cozygirl says:

      They are so beautiful Lynne, remembering your gardens! Glad David doing so well…have a safe trip back East! You’ll have to visit us at J. Strom!


  4. We love the Plexiglass in our door have has it for over 10 years sure is wonderful.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Wish we thought of long ago…so much quieter too! Loving all your SW news…one day!


  5. I would have never known Pensacola would have such a big Mardi Gras parade! What a fun day. Nice write up about the heritage museum.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      The museum a total surprise…reviews weren’t so great. I LOVED IT! Six weeks we’ll get to your stick in the woods…all new fun to explore!!

      Liked by 1 person

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