Awaiting Mardi Gras!

We flew through January, the snowbirds hit the area, temps wandered downward, and now it’s February!


We’ve continued to pass time combing the beach and exploring the area through lower Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.


I imagine there is more to many than a day at the beach but it’s a place we continue to scour…with inquiring eyes! It’s always different, somewhat out of sorts and fierce, other times calm and tranquil.


Like the day of monster foam! Not one I’d use for shaving…and kind of mysterious. Most sea-foam is not harmful to humans and is often an indication of a productive ocean ecosystem. I really delighted in watching it move along the coast.


We’ve also been lucky enough with seasonal temps continuing for our weekly escapes to the area bike trails. It’s been perfect since I’m on semi-foot rest…my heals haven’t been too happy lately.  I’ve resorted to nursing clogs and no  more barefoot strolling, especially in the RV! So I pedal my heart out these days!

Screenshot_2016-02-03-09-47-34 (2)

We’ve been able to locate a few other interesting parks in the area.


The children’s interactive area at the Graham Creek Preserve has nicely set up with precious musical entertainment. I managed to beat out a few tunes…enough to catch Mr. Jer’s attention, who was off checking out the archery area.

Who doesn’t love a sand pit in the middle of the woods!?


Birds houses galore and flowers in bloom!



We’ve managed to sort through our RV as well. We tore through the basement and inside RV storage…managing to purge yet again more unused materials. And found plenty unforgotten, while we are at it!


With the bags of shells and my latest driftwood selection (all washed and hanging out to dry)…I’ve managed to accumulate enough for an upcoming art project.  Excited to work on that this summer.

Screenshot_2016-02-03-09-46-45 (2)

Speaking of art…we scored this year with a visiting RVer from Kentucky who has a career in painting.  So for the entire month, twice a week we’ve been able to begin work on four paintings.


While entirely new to Mr. Jer and myself being semi-skilled, we had a wonderful time with a small group from the park…throwing on some acrylics and learning the art of painting in 3D.


While not anywhere close in skill to a Bob Ross…it’s something we’ll continue to entertain.  And we’ve got 4 paintings now we still need to work on perfecting…I’m sure family would love to be gifted one of our masterpieces :O)


It’s been enough to question if we really need a king size sleeper couch or if we should entertain another lounge chair and a desk type setup.  And what would we even sell it for? Jury is out…going to visit the next IKEA on our summer route, maybe something will jump out at us.

And speaking of larger metropolis, I’m sure needing a Trader Joe fix. This is my latest favorite thing on earth…great for making ice cream, frosting, or in morning coffee creamer! It’s so deliciously CREAMY and sweet, minus the sugar!


We’ve been trying to stay on taps with farm fresh eating…raw as we can get it.  No carbs, etc.  Had a few set backs, like the day the sight of Reuben sandwiches were dancing in our heads!


I had Trader Joe  pastrami in the freezer and fresh sauerkraut.  Just called for a trip to Publix grocery for their daily fresh-baked 12 grain bread…of all the breads, this one is outstanding!  When you just have to break all rules and indulge!


And for last food photo, frozen grapes! I’m obsessed sometimes with food, especially taking pictures of dishes we manage to plate up.


Right now the purple grapes have been so sweet. I normally just bring home, pick and toss in a pan of white vinegar water, rinse and throw in a zip lock for the freezer. Totally simple!

Screenshot_2016-02-03-09-47-53 (2)

So while we whittle through a few tornado watches, thunderstorms, or breezy conditions, I’ve been dragging books home from the library or ordering state tourism magazines for some spring and summer planning.

If all goes as planned, we’ll have another workamp gig and a chance to add a few more state to the “been there while a full-timer” map.  I’ll have more news when everything is firm and we hit the position running!

Screenshot_2016-02-03-09-47-13 (2)

And since we won’t be dragging the RV back to Illinois anytime soon, we planning a getaway back there the end of February…5 grandkids, Jerry’s mom and plenty of other family to see.  Especially after the big boxcar derby win!



So with that…we’re back to indulging in Mardi Gras this weekend, Super Bowl Sunday including a chili cook-off we plan to participate in, and future probing of the area and watching spring arrive until take off towards the end of March.


Until next time!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Horst says:

    Man, that pastrami sandwich with your 12 gain brain is “Killer”…and here I’m been eating salmon trying to get ready for my “Blood work”… Hope your foot problems aren’t Plantar Fasciitis….if I don’t do some stretches for that when I jump out of bed, I’m done for the rest of the day…Good luck on that! You Blog page looks great….very professional..I guessing this “Full-Time” stuff is working for you Guys..:)) Take care and safe Travels…Horst sends


  2. Joanne says:

    So nice for you to continue using those creative juices! Happy Trails!!


  3. Looks like you have everything under control. Love food here too.
    Enjoy your time up north this month.


  4. There is no Trader Joe’s where we live so when we are going anywhere near one we will spend a night or two near there and stock up. We’ve camped in a few parks near where you are going next. I’m interested to see where you end up.


  5. Faye N Dave says:

    Sorry to hear about your foot issues but glad it isn’t interfering with biking. Enjoy your time in IL, sorry we won’t see you any time soon but since we’re going in opposite directions guess we’ll hope for a meet up this fall. Can’t wait to hear about your new gig..


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