Holidays over…onto 2016!

December…we survived the festivities.


We saw reminders of Santa here and there.  Trees made from crab pots at the weekly farmer’s market!


There were the lighted parades, on sea and land!


Many floats gearing us up for the upcoming Mardi Gras…some were even throwing the beads!


There were days lounging while working out some gift giving creations…and thinking up potluck party munchies to cook up.


We have continued to use the beach as our daily escape especially with the unseasonably WARMER than usual temps! The key was being here in October thru December, pre-Snowbird arrival!  On some days, the beach was pretty much all ours!


And each time the coastal area had a brand new look to it! Designs causing a sense of confusion…whatever made it look like that, I’d ask?


Always a place to discover something new and unknown as to what it is, but also seeing a beauty in it no matter how strange it looked!





Some days while sunny and mild…some had a sea fog that leaves you drenched and struggling to see down the beach. An ery, cool kind of experience, and there have been the windy brisk days that a ski cap served me well!


Even days when you have a surprise visitor fly in…walking by your side or scrambling to stay two steps ahead!



I loved it when we ventured out to a new location to find a trail onto the shoreline and when it’s that stretch of beach you have all to yourselves and not a condo in sight!



Maybe it’s a coastal lake that is full but there is a narrow opening that surrenders a path for us to get to the dunes!


I continue to drag a bag or two along for trash.  Or my newest interest…driftwood!



Between this and Mr. Jer’s collection of never ending shells, I just know one day we’ll come up some artistic creation.

Especially now that the temps are dropping for the month of January! Days lounging at the beach or at the outdoor tiki spot, press us to focus more on the homefront! Keeping the heaters going and the stovetop loaded with new, creative goodness of raw, farm fresh eating we are trying out.


And there still have been plenty of inland coastal waters to check out and evening sunset walks, no matter the temperature.


All while crossing my fingers that long stretches of rainy days and bitter cold stay at bay. So far they have been far in between and nothing as serious as so many around us have had to endure from coast to coast.


And if it gets too chilly, plenty of firewood is stacked up.  Mr. Jer has kept our supply overflowing…after his latest adventures to construction sites to nab used oak pallets he rescues from dumpsters. Genius!


That about completes our boring life on the coast!  It’s like, how many more pictures of white sand can I share? Never too many as far as we’re concerned?  Some love it…some not. Clearly you know where we stand, you think :O)!?


And with that, each day we’ll pinch ourselves that we are fortunate to live coastal for a fraction of what a sticks and bricks would afford us this close to the sand and waves.  While sometimes we both agree, it’s not quite what we expected for our traveling days in a RV to be at first…right now our truck is purring and has not needed the doctor, the RV rig is perking along with no complaints, we’re healthy, and the pocketbook is happy!  And especially, together, we are so darn happy and in love!

Now, it’s 2016!


We’ve been knocking out some ideas for the new year. Discussion has begun…clearly we’re not sure which direction we’ll go for this Spring.

We might just get POINTED in one direction and take off!


But imagine we’ll have some sort of plan in place! I can see something on the horizon, over the great sea of water, happening for us in 2016! Plus, we still have a few more months in this area to entertain us with new exciting destinations (including more beach shots)!

Journey on! ~cozygirl


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Do you crochet or knit?? I love to crochet!! It’s so relaxing.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Crochet….novice and knitting, I wish!! But love it too to rest my mind 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I could never master knitting but I love to crochet! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a beach person and never get tired of seeing pictures of the white sand beaches!


  3. Love all the beach pictures, it satisfies my beach longing this winter. And that GBH is looking forward to 2016 as well.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Oh good….I must have done something right and got all things corrected :O)


      1. It could also be me 🙂


  4. Horst says:

    Great to see you post…I’ve been with computers for a while…terrific photo’ the sunset…what a magnificent place to be living life…..I envy you Two….thanks for sharing…keep on, keeping on…as they say down here…Horst sends


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Good to hear from you Horst…seems forever! We do have some beautiful sites along the coast here…you know! Off to catch up on your news…glad you are still tagging along with us!


  5. Faye N Dave says:

    So I am a little late in commenting but then I don’t read blogs but about once a week anymore. Happy New Year to you both, Miss you guys and we’ll try and once you’ve got your direction figured out we’ll see if we can figure out a meet up.


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Oh gosh….half the time I fly through my blog reading and manage a like or two when my phone browser cooperates! WiFi here ick!! Still putting out resumes…feelers, etc. Enjoy Q and the rally…glad you get to go!! Miss you too!


  6. Love the wonderful beach time and I know you will keep enjoying it.
    Happy New Year !


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Happy New Year today….enjoying your SW travels! I know you’re in your happy place 🙂 Had Boston butt this week…always think of you when I fire up the Q.


  7. Lynne says:

    Hey! Good to hear a beach report and so pleased to know everything in your life is just purring along.
    Great beach photos….loved your Santa at the beach.
    Hope your winter continues to be lovely!


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Brrrrrrr, cold here today!!! Loved your 2015 recap and still sad things didn’t happen when you came thru. Snowbirds all talking about the 90 bucks at state park….unhappy campers!! Catch you in 2016!


  8. Marsha says:

    Happy New Year to the both of you. As someone in the north, I think the sand and water look great and there appears to be plenty to keep you as busy as you want to be (or not).


    1. Cozygirl says:

      Oh Marsha….nippy here today at the noon hour, 41 degrees! AND a happy new year to you too!!!!


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